Find Your Path…A Lot Did!

Wakefield Brewster delivering a spoken word performance.

Calgary’s Poet Laureate, besides delivering a visceral spoken word performance, was open about sharing his struggles with addiction, mental health and relationships throughout his youth and as an adult with […]

Your Child’s IPP

A smiling father and son in sunglasses both sit on a yellow ATV, on a blue background. Image text says, "IPPs: Roadmap to Success"

A Roadmap to Success at School Fall is upon us, school has started and it’s time to create IPP’s, aka IEPs (Individual Education Plans) and LSPs (Learning Support Plans). If […]

LD? ADHD? Find Your Path Event

In conjunction with October Learning Disabilities & ADHD Awareness Month, the Network is hosting a special free event for parents and adults in the LD & ADHD community! Get Your […]

PEERS: Calgary Youth with ADHD Study

PEERS Social Intervention The Strengths in ADHD Research Lab at the University of Calgary is pleased to offer a FREE intervention program to youth with ADHD and their families in […]

Stampede Tips for Children with ADHD

Stampede is the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” but if you have a child with ADHD, you could be forgiven for conjuring up images of being helplessly pulled from one […]

Oh No! The Final Exam!

A brown-haired girl covers her face with her hands on a teal background. Text on the image says, "Tests, Managing Anxiety".

Test Anxiety Creeps In Students are gearing up for final exams, whether it’s January or June. It’s an intense time when students, parents and teachers are focusing on study and […]

Dear Little One…

I was watching you sleep today. You are such a goofy little sleeper. Facedown, bum in the air. I don’t know how you are comfortable in that position, but you […]

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Man in a black and white business casual outfit jumping enthusiastically on a light blue background. The man is pointing at the words on the image, which says "Making it Work for Neurodiversity".

Are you ready? Companies are increasingly striving to hire for diversity in the workplace because enough research has now shown that, apart from equality and equity, there are very tangible […]