The 7th Annual Conference of The Reading League

Join education leaders and changemakers from across the globe at the 7th Annual Conference of The Reading League. This multi-day conference focused solely on the science of reading. This year’s […]

The Science of Reading 2.0: A Deeper Understanding

This session is designed to provide an update to some of the most recent studies that have contributed to the body of knowledge we call SOR and guidelines for implementing the newest–and best– guidance we have about teaching all our students to be successful readers and writers.

Making Learning to Read/Spell/Write Easier

EXPERT:  Sylvia Hannah Sinclaire

For some students, learning to read, spell and write is easy. They need little assistance.

However, many children and adults encounter difficulty with these tasks. This webinar will look at a number of specific things I have learned, during my fifty years of helping students learn to become effective readers, spellers and writers.