Decoda Literacy Conference 2024

Our conference theme is “Literacy: The Ripple Effect.” Literacy touches every aspect of people’s lives. Literacy programs, supports and practitioners have a ripple effect throughout communities. Literacy intersects with and […]

Meaningful Morphology

English is a morphophonemic language. This means students need both phonemic awareness and morphological awareness in order to read and spell accurately and efficiently. Knowledge of morphemes, the smallest units […]

Reading and Spelling Multisyllabic Words

Do you have students who struggle with decoding multisyllabic words? Do they often look at the first letter and guess, even though they can read single-syllable words quite well? This […]

The 7th Annual Conference of The Reading League

Join education leaders and changemakers from across the globe at the 7th Annual Conference of The Reading League. This multi-day conference focused solely on the science of reading. This year’s […]