The Science of Reading

How the Brain Learns to Read and What It Means for Classroom Instruction

EXPERT: Denise Eide

This presentation will help you bridge the gap between the Science of Reading and practice. Together, we will translate the Science of Reading into practical ideas that you can implement in your classroom the next day.

The Science of Reading Levels

EXPERT: Dr. Tim Shanahan

“For more than 70 years, educators have espoused and adhered to the idea that students need to be taught reading at their so-called ‘instructional level.'” Turns out this is NOT the optimal method and NOT supported by research. Want to learn more?

Becoming a Literacy Leader

“Rethinking Assessment: Using Universal Screening Data to Inform Reading Instruction”

EXPERT: Una Malcolm B.SC., M.A. Doctoral Student

Una Malcolm will demystify and define universal screening. We will introduce a group of Ontario teachers who will unpack the use of screeners in their classrooms throughout our series. They will share details about their first screening, instructional changes and intervention based on their data, and progress monitoring for at-risk students.

The Science of Reading 2.0: A Deeper Understanding

This session is designed to provide an update to some of the most recent studies that have contributed to the body of knowledge we call SOR and guidelines for implementing the newest–and best– guidance we have about teaching all our students to be successful readers and writers.

Science of Reading: Morphology

EXPERT: Kristy Dunn, University of Alberta Doctoral Candidate

Teachers often feel at a loss to help those children who do not develop reading and writing skills on par with their peers.  This is one part of an eight-part series will lead educators through key research findings and then address each component of literacy instruction, providing teachers with tools, resources, and instructional strategies.

Do This, NOT That: Teaching Reading, Not Guessing

Do This, NOT That: Instructional Practices for Breaking the Word Guessing Habit EXPERT: Kelli Johnson, B.Ed., M.S. DATE: Thursday, September 16, 2021 YouTube, Teachers Pay Teachers, and Instagram are filled with […]