Inside ADHD Parent Workshop

For youth with ADHD, navigating day-to-day can look very different compared to their neurotypical peers, and the classroom environment can pose particular challenges.

Neurological deficits, not unwillingness, keep kids with ADHD from learning and behaving in expected ways. But adults can make a significant difference in the lives and success of kids with ADHD.

Learn more about how to parent your child with ADHD.

For Dads w/o ADHD: How to Understand and Support Your Kids

For fathers who have ADHD, difficulties with parenting might surface when their child’s ADHD causes academic or behavioral challenges that remind them of their own difficulties growing up. Learn how to manage your own stress and support your child.

Taking ADHD to College

Help for College Students with ADHD: A Parent’s Guide to Improving Outcomes TIME: Thursday, September 9 at 1 pm ET (11 am MT) EXPERT: Kevin Antshel, Ph.D. Individuals with ADHD […]