Calm Kids Happy Families YYC Group

Calm Kids Happy Families is a group for parents of children with ADHD.  Raising children is challenging… raising a child with ADHD is even more challenging!  Learn how to better meet your child’s needs and connect with other parents to share strategies and resources during 6 sessions.

Interactive ADHD Child Parenting Course

5 Thursday from April 7 – May 19

This five-part interactive course has been designed for parents starting the ADHD journey with their child and for those striving to understand their child’s impairments and needs. It will cover the things you need to know about ADHD: what it really is; how it impacts learning, behaviour, and emotional regulation; treatment options, and how to implement home and school strategies. The course will review common impairments experienced by children with ADHD while taking you through the process of developing your child’s profile and a home strategy plan. Working with the school while advocating for your child will be discussed and result in the development of school communication and advocacy plan for your family.