Rundle Studio: Rethinking Education for Students with Learning Disabilities

By Jason Rogers, Head of School

What is Rundle Studio? 

It’s a new virtual school dedicated to the teaching and learning of students with diagnosed learning disabilities including autism spectrum disorder, and/or ADHD in Alberta.

Rundle College Society is excited to announce the launch of Rundle Studio, an Alberta Education approved online special education school. Rundle Studio will be Canada’s first and only online school dedicated to the teaching and learning of students with diagnosed learning disabilities including autism spectrum disorder and/or ADHD. Rundle Studio is “opening its virtual doors” in September 2021 for grades 7–8 with a limited intake of 28 students.

You might ask, “Why would we launch this school now?” We have focused on expanding the success of our Rundle Academy school to a wider audience for more than a year. It is estimated that less than 25% of students with learning disabilities in Alberta go on to post-secondary programs of their choice. At Rundle Academy, we have a proven track record where more than 95% of students attend the post-secondary program of their choice. Rundle Studio will provide the same accommodations, the same level of understanding, and the same focus on relationship building that has made the Academy program so successful. Imagine the impact Rundle Studio will have if students across the province have the same access to this level of support.

Rundle Studio aims to light the fuse of engagement for students.

“We want to change your perception of your learning. To know that you are capable and can accomplish great things. Your learning disability doesn’t have to be a roadblock in your academic success.”

— Jason Rogers, Head of School, Rundle College Society


Expert Staff

Expert teachers, determined by both their subject matter and learning disability expertise, will deliver the courses in a highly interactive virtual learning environment. Students will be engaged on deeper levels of thinking to support the development of their future ready thinking and skills. Various approaches including, but not limited to, Individual Program Plans (IPP), Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and proprietary tools will be leveraged to support students based on their unique needs.

“We have the best teachers and they are provided with the tools and accommodations to help students succeed on all levels.”
— John Wolf, Rundle Studio Principal

Rundle Studio will use a unique program delivery system to maintain personalized connections while online, keep class sizes small, and deliver the curriculum in ways that enable students with learning disabilities to reach their potential. The Studio will provide a wide range of character and co-curricular offerings such as access to esports teams, travel opportunities with the Rundle school community and places to virtually “hangout” with their friends.


Learn More

Learn more about the Studio through these short videos:

Introducing Rundle Studio: An overview
Socialization: Making friends online
Esports: It’s more than gaming

Our community is so excited to support Rundle Studio that generous donors have provided $15,000 worth of first year tuition bursaries. This outpouring of support demonstrates the strong belief that Rundle Studio will make a life altering impact for students who will benefit from our online school.

Rundle Studio is a school belonging to Rundle College Society which is a top-ranked, independent, co-educational, day school in Calgary, Alberta, that offers exceptional educational experiences for students in kindergarten to grade 12. Rundle College Society is registered with the Association of Independent Schools & Colleges in Alberta (AISCA), Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS), and the Global Online Academy (GOA).

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