Neurodiversity in the Workplace

By Carola Tiltmann

Are you ready?

Companies are increasingly striving to hire for diversity in the workplace because enough research has now shown that, apart from equality and equity, there are very tangible benefits for the bottom line. Employees from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities and races, cultures and religions, lifestyles and gender orientations, and/or with physical disabilities, offer a host of lived experiences that can positively inform many aspects of a company’s operations.

The more perspectives that can be brought to bear on a problem, the more likely it is that solutions and innovations will be discovered faster, potentially reach a wider market, and positively impact client interactions, but also offer resilience in times of market stress.


Different Brains = Different Thinking

Neurodiversity – as in diversity in thinking, being ‘wired’ differently – is just as valuable. Learning Disabilities (LD) or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are part of the neurodiversity spectrum and are often known as invisible disabilities. However, since these labels include the terms ‘Disability, Deficit and Disorder’, one could be forgiven for assuming that individuals with these descriptions are less capable than their colleagues. And that, is just not true.

They can be equally as passionate, intelligent, funny, kind, annoying, driven or dedicated as any other employee. Their unique talents and insights could further elevate an organization but many workplace environments could be missing out if company policy, and more importantly, company culture don’t explicitly include the ‘neuro’ in the ‘diversity’.


Interested in Learning More?

The Learning Disabilities & ADHD Network offers a free Lunch & Learn presentation, virtual (or in person in the Calgary area), to companies & organizations that are aiming to be truly diverse and create a workplace culture that values neurodiverse employees.

If you are ready to find out more, contact Carola Tiltmann, Manager of the Learning Disabilities & ADHD Network at for information or to schedule a presentation.

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