Holiday Countdown: Less Stress, More Joy

If the words “Christmas is coming!” inspire dread rather than joy, you are not alone. ADHD can make ‘simple’ everyday activities like remembering your shopping list difficult never mind the huge expectations that come with organizing the ‘perfect’ holiday celebration or visiting family who still don’t understand you or your child’s ADHD. Add in a dash of school-free weeks where your children are out of school and therefore, out of routine, topped with a sprinkle of winter weather that might keep them indoors for days on end, it’s no surprise that you feel like pulling the covers over your head and mumbling, “Wake me up again in January.”

Since hibernating isn’t actually an option, we’ve compiled a short list (nice, not naughty) with expert advice and helpful tips so you can also enjoy this season.

Biggest takeaways:

  • It’s not going to be perfect…nothing is. Be kind to yourself and your kids.
  • Stick to routines…you created them for excellent reasons that don’t go away during the holidays.
  • Ask for help! If the holidays are going to be a lot of extra work, you need extra help and that’s ok.

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Make this holiday season memorable for all the right reasons!

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