We’re New Here…What Do We Need to Know?

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Self-Advocacy When You are a Newcomer Canada has a long history of immigration. Millions of people worldwide have chosen, and continue to choose, Canada as their new home. In 2021, […]

Psychologists and Self-Advocacy

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Self-advocacy is a term that is used quite often within the context of learning disabilities and ADHD. Generally speaking, self-advocacy refers to the ability to know what you may need […]

Advocating for Yourself in Post-Secondary

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Did you have accommodations in high school? Extra time on tests, a quiet testing space, extensions on assignments, or the use of assistive technology like speech-to-text software or a screen […]

Teaching Self-Advocacy: Power for Learners

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We know that even as adults, self-advocacy can be really tough. Whether we are explaining to our school principal that we need more supplies, the house painter that the job […]

Self-Advocacy Starts in…Elementary?

Young girl in red jacket and balck school dress confidently raising hand

From a parent’s perspective… Self-advocacy is a skill that needs to be learned, but developing this skill by those with a Learning Disability (LD) and/or ADHD can be a real […]

Burnout: Find Your Spark Again

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What is burnout?  “Burnout is a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.” (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Canada.) It sounds bad and […]

What Is Neurodiversity, Really?

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It’s Not Just Autism The term neurodiversity has increased in popularity in recent years and is frequently seen on the internet, especially on social media. Neurodiversity, or being “neurodiverse,” is […]