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"Strengths in ADHD"

We take a strengths-based approach to working with children with ADHD and their families.  We incorporate primary research and practical intervention into our work so as to support children with exceptional learning needs.  Check out the “Current Projects” tab to find out more information about our research.

Please look through our website for more information on our current projects.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please contact us at (403)-210-6726 or

"Help Us Understand Specific Learning Disabilities in Children in Canada and the United States"

Help Us Understand Specific Learning Disabilities in Children in Canada

Who Are We Looking For?
1. Parents/caregivers of children with Specific Learning Disability
2. Child age 5-18
3. Able to read and write English
4. Live in Canada or the United States

This survey will ask questions about how your child was diagnosed with a specific learning disability, and how the diagnosis was explained.

Our goal is to understand how children with learning disabilities are doing.

We also want to understand how parent/caregivers have been educated about their child’s learning disability.

BrainKids at University of Calgary and the University Conjoint faculties Research Ethics Board has approved this study (REB21-1961)

Brain Kids Website:




"The Link between ADHD and Gut Bacteria." 2022

The University of Calgary’s Department of Clinical Neuroscience is conducting a biomedical study on the connection between gut flora and ASD. Increasingly research is pointing to a link between gut bacteria and brain function. Individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders appear to present with greater amounts of certain flora and less of others as compared to individuals without neurodevelopmental disorders.

If your child is between age 3 and 18, has ASD, ADHD, OCD, or TS, and have an unaffected sibling they may be eligible to take part in an exciting research study examining the relationship between gut micro-biome and these conditions.

Interested? contact Research Coordinator: Beatrice Anghelescu at (403) 210-7542 or email

Owerko Centre - Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute

Owerko Centre
Owerko Centre is team of researchers at the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute dedicated to the study of neurodevelopment disorders and the improvement of mental health.

CanLearn Society - ADHD Intervention for Boys

Research Study: Virtual Intervention Program for Boys with ADHD:

We are looking for volunteers to take part in a study which will include parents and their children (boys; 9-10 years old) diagnosed with ADHD.

Your participation will consist of:

  1. Separate parent and child sessions (one-hour each)
  2. Programs run for 6 weeks
  3. Sessions will take place via Zoom
  4. You will receive a gift card worth $100 for your time.

To join this ADHD research study, please email: