Word Prediction

Word Prediction for Assisted Writing
Helps with Word Recall & Correct Spelling

Word prediction is technology that anticipates the correct word or phrase that a user wants to write after only a few keys are typed. Usually, there is a box or toolbar with several suggestions, and a click or tap on the desired choice will insert it into the text. It helps to reduce the number of keystrokes necessary for typing words.

For all users, Word Prediction can speed up the writing process and help with word recall and correct spelling.

Help with Spelling: People who are poor spellers avoid words they are unsure of and so they tend to have limited writing vocabularies. Word prediction provides poor spellers with on-line assistance, making the writing process less stressful.

Word Recall & Choices: People like the feature of Word Prediction providing a selection of words to choose from, offering greater vocabulary choices.

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Word Prediction is included in a premium subscription of Read&Write by Texthelp.

The app is available at many schools, post-secondary institutions, and businesses. Be sure to ask if it is available in your workplace or school.

An individual can download the free version which includes TTS, some highlighting tools, and translation. A single premium license can be purchased.
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Prediction for Windows     
Prediction for Chrome

Read&Write for iPad

  • Read&Write for iPad includes TTS, word prediction, spell and grammar check, and dictionary.
  • If you have a license under Google Chrome through your school or business, or an individual license simply log in with your Google account to activate the premium features. Otherwise, a single license can be purchased for iPad.
  • Here is a complete guide to using Read&Write on iPad Complete Guide and a video

Read&Write for Android

  • Read&Write for Android is an alternative keyboard for Android tablets.
  • There are several tools to help when writing emails, creating documents, and entering and editing text; Word Prediction is one of the tools.
  • Read&Write is available in the Google Play Store Read&Write for Android

For iPad: Word Prediction

Word Prediction is a built-in feature on iPad. To turn on this feature: go to Settings, Keyboard, and slide the Predictive switch to On. Predictive words will appear above the keyboard as you type.