Text to Speech

Benefits of Text to Speech

Text To Speech (TTS) allows users to see text (written words) and hear it read aloud at the same time.  Text To Speech (TTS) is often used to read aloud textbooks, other people’s writing, or websites. Text to Speech is a useful tool for everyone. It is a great tool for students and people in the workplace, and it is particularly helpful for those who may struggle to read words accurately and/or fluently. Text To Speech is also helpful to edit your work to ensure that you have a good quality finished document.

Text to Speech Tools

Read&Write by Texthelp

Read&Write by Texthelp is available in many applications, making Text to Speech accessible to everyone. The program is available for the workplace and in education.
Texthelp is free and also offers a paid premium option. You can trial the premium features for 30 days.
To download Read&Write free or premium visit the Texthelp Website.
Or for:
Windows 10
Google Chrome

Read&Write for Android

Read&Write for Android is an alternative keyboard for Android tablets. There are several tools to help when writing emails, creating documents, and entering and editing text. It is available in the Google Play Store: Read&Write for Android

iPad built-in Text to Speech

Setting up Text to Speech on an iPad:

  • Go to the Settings on iPad or iPhone
  • Choose Accessibility, Spoken Content in the Vision Section and toggle on Speak Selection.
  • Whenever you want something read back you can highlight your selection then press and hold until the toolbar appears. Choose Speak.

To learn more: iPad Text to Speech

Immersive Reader

Immersive Reader is a feature/app that was developed by Microsoft. It is available in many Microsoft applications on PC, Mac, and tablets. It has also been made available to developers to add to their apps. It is Text to Speech with other features such as additional spacing, font choices colored backgrounds/overlays, line focus, syllable spacing, verb, and noun identifiers, and a picture dictionary. To learn more: Immersive Reader

Chromebooks and Chrome Browser on other devices
Immersive reader (unofficial) can be found in the Chrome Web Store. This will make Immersive Reader available to use on any website.


Windows 10

Windows 10 has two choices for Text To Speech in Microsoft Word:
-Under the Review tab choose Read Aloud. You will be able to adjust the speed and choose between several male and female voices until you find one that you like.  -Under the View tab choose Immersive Reader.
See the complete guide to Immersive Reader here: Immersive Reader

Windows 10 has a built-in Text to Speech or screen reader called Narrator. To turn on Narrator, go to the windows symbol and start to type Narrator. When it appears choose it. All of the instructions for use and features will appear on the screen.


Mac OS

Mac OS has a built-in Text to Speech or Screen Reader called VoiceOver. To turn on VoiceOver, go to System Preferences, Accessibility, Choose VoiceOver and place a checkmark in Enable VoiceOver. There is training available in system preferences.

Office Lens

Office Lens (Windows, IOS, iPad OS, and Android) With Office Lens you can scan or import images such as textbook pages, whiteboards, and documents directly into the app. Office Lens trims and enhances scans to make pictures of whiteboards, textbooks, and documents readable. You can select the Immersive Reader for TTS for the scanned images.  To learn more: Short Video Office Lens with Immersive Reader

Seeing Al by Microsoft (IOS)

Seeing Al by Microsoft (IOS) is a free app that narrates the world around you with the use of the device camera. Seeing AI is helpful to the blind or people with low vision. It will describe short text, documents, products, people, currency scenery, colors, handwriting as well as scan a barcode to describe a product.
To learn more: Seeing Al


C-Pen is a discreet scanner pen that can be used with earbuds to read aloud a test, worksheet, or textbook at school or in the workplace. C-Pen also has a feature to scan text from a worksheet or textbook into a document on your computer.

There are several versions of this Text to Speech scan pen:
ExamReader is designed to be easily used for exams as it only reads back and does not have a dictionary or any other features on it.
ReaderPen has a dictionary, and the user can scan text (when connected via USB) directly into a document such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word.
LingoPen is designed for learning a second language with the read-aloud feature and scan to document feature.
ReaderPen Secure designed for the workplace.
Connect is a Bluetooth-enabled scanner pen/digital highlighter that is used with the C-Pen app. Connect captures text, recognizes it, and streams it in editable format to the app. Compatible with Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac. These pens can be purchased at Secrest.ca, Scanning Pens Canada and Amazon.ca


IOS and Android Smartphones have Text to Speech (TTS) built into them as well. Many do not need this feature turned on however if it is not automatically enabled check your settings for an Accessibility section.  3-Minute Tutorial: How to Use Text-to-Speech on a Mobile Device