Organization & Focus

Tips to Stay Focused:

-Avoid multitasking
-Break down tasks into chunks
-Use calendars to keep track of projects
-Use Note-taking Tools Note-taking
-Use a timer  IOS Timer – Android – Online Timer
-Handheld fidgets
-Limit distractions (block social media) Apps to help avoid distractions on your device
-Use a planner/agenda
-Calming sounds link to

To learn more:  Technology Tools that Help with Executive Function


Google Keep

Google Keep is FREE (online and apps available for iPad OS, IOS, and Android)
-Google Keep is a great place to keep everything together such as online reminders, notes, voice notes, links, to-do lists, and more.
-You can use a colour-coded system to create your own organization or notetaking system.
To learn more about Google Keep: How to use Google Keep

Google Keep and Google Calendar FREE
Simply using a calendar to set deadlines and reminders in combination with Google Keep can help you stay on track.
To learn more: Simple organization system for school/work/life | Google Keep & Calendar

Rocket Notebook

Rocket Notebook is available for IOS, iPad, OS, and Android.
-It is erasable, reusable, and uploads your notes to cloud storage of your choice using the companion app; Rocketbook.
-To save your notes; scan the page to the Rocketbook app and your notes are automatically saved to the assigned cloud service.
-There are several Rocket Notebooks: The first notebook created was the Rocket Wave that can be used up to 5 times and erased by putting the notebook in the microwave with a cup of water. Really! Since then, the company has created several notebooks that can be wiped clean with a microfiber cloth.
-You must use a Frixion erasable pen with the notebooks. The notebook comes with one pen. Pens can be purchased at places such as London Drugs and Staples.
-New Notebooks are often added to the site, most recently a Rocketbook planner.
-The website has a link to their blog named Rocketbook Launchpad where there are plenty of notetaking tips and other hacks.
-The notebooks are only available online. We recommend purchasing the notebooks from,, or to ensure that you are dealing with Canadian dollars.
-Here is a link to the Rocketbook so that you can discover the notebook that will work for you.
To learn more about the pens that can be used with Rocket notebooks:  Frixion Pens &Accessories  This site is US dollars. Choose Canadian Dollars on the upper right of the website.
To learn more:

Rocketbook Beacons

Rocketbook Beacons – Features:
-Beacons are 4 reusable corners that can be stuck to a whiteboard, flip chart,  and more to capture whatever is drawn or written inside the beacons using the Rocketbook App.
-Whatever is captured inside the beacons can be saved to the cloud storage of your choice just as though it was in your Rocket notebook.
-They are inexpensive and can be used over and over again.

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