Mind Maps

Use Mind Maps to Organize Thoughts and Brainstorm Ideas

Mind mapping can help you to brainstorm, organize and outline your ideas before you start to write. If you start to write before you have organized your thoughts, you can easily forget to include some of your ideas or include them in your writing in a disorganized manner.

Mind Map Basics:

  •  For those that are more visual, some mind maps include images to organize your thoughts.
  •  Most offer an online format and an iPad or Android app that can be downloaded from the corresponding app store.
  • The free version of the app is usually enough.
  • Most offer a free trial period, so it is best to try the app before you decide to invest any money.
  • Mind maps are great to use on a tablet or computer with touch capability as you can use a digital pen or your finger to move your ideas around.
  •  Video training is offered on their website.

To learn more:  Complete Guide to Mind Maps for Beginners

Mind Map Apps:

Inspiration Mind Map

  • Paid  App (one time)
  • Windows 10 and IOS.
  • Popular built-in features to help quickly capture ideas and support the writing process include adding notes to symbols, recording audio notes, text-to-speech, spell checker, thesaurus, hyperlinking, embedding videos
  • There is also an iPad OS app designed for elementary school-aged students called Kidspiration.
  • To learn more:  Inspiration Mind Map


  • Free and a premium subscription available
  • Online software for creating and sharing mind maps.
  •  PC, Mac, and Chromebooks compatible.
  • App available for IOS and Android tablets.
  •  Maps are saved automatically.
  • Sharing and collaboration features
  • To learn more: Coggle

Mind Node

  •  Free and subscription
  • Available only in the Apple App Store and Mac App Store
  • To learn more: MindNode


  • Free and premium
  • Mac, Windows, IOS, iPad OS, and Android
  • To learn more: Mindly 

Simple Mind

  • Free and premium. Free trial available.
  • Mac, Windows, IOS, iPad OS, and Android
  • To learn more: SimpleMind