iPad Accessibility

Apple has an awesome array of accessibility features built-in on iPad.  To turn on or change any of the features go to Settings under the Accessibility heading. Each accessibility is listed under the appropriate section. You can also add a shortcut to the screen which enables you to triple-click the home button to turn some of the features off and on without having to go to settings each time. Accessibility Shortcut

To discover the built-in features: https://www.apple.com/ca/accessibility/mobility/

Vision User Guides

VoiceOver  Will readout and describe items on the screen

Zoom Will magnify items on the screen

Magnifier Use your camera as a magnifying glass

Display & Text Size Adjust the text size and font

Motion Reduce or stop the motion effect on the screen

Spoken Content Voice and speed settings for Speak Selection and Speak Screen

Audio Descriptions Have scenes in videos described out loud


Physical and Motor User Guides

Touch Adjust Haptic touch settings

Face ID & Attention Adjust Face ID and attention setting for physical or vision limitations

Switch control Use a Switch Contol with an iPad

Voice control Navigate iPad with your voice

Home or top button Adjust accessibility settings

Apple TV remote  Adjust setting to use buttons instead of swipe gestures

Pointer control Adjust pointer appearance when using a mouse or trackpad with iPad

Keyboards   Adjust settings for the on-screen or external keyboard

Apple Pencil Adjust settings for Tap Gesture or turn it off

AirPods Adjust the accessibility settings for hearing or motor needs

Hearing User Guide

Hearing Pair a hearing device

Sound recognition  Settings for iPad to listen for sounds such as a doorbell, crying baby, etc.

RTT Set up real-time text and wifi calling on iPhone in the Facetime App when available

Audio/Visual Adjust audio and visual settings IE: mono audio, LED flash for alerts, etc

Subtitles & captioning Turn on subtitles and closed caption for videos when supported

General: Guided Access, Siri, and Shortcuts

Guided Access Helps you to stay focused by restricting use to a single app

Siri Use accessibility features with Siri

Accessibility Shortcut Create a shortcut to your most-used features