Children with diagnosed Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and/or co-existing conditions receive support and accommodations in schools through their Individual Program Plans. Families may choose to access further support services for their child in the greater community.

Students who have not been formally assessed but are struggling with learning, attention, behavioural, emotional, or social skills challenges can also benefit by accessing services in the community to support them. These services may be provided by public, not-for-profit, or private organizations and professionals.

When you are starting your search, you need to consider:
-What type of service you are looking for and why
-What qualifications the service provider needs based on the type of service you need
-Whether expertise is required in the field of Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and/or a co-existing condition or disorder

Provided is a Screening Checklist with questions you may want to ask to help find qualified service providers. We have also provided categories of Support Services you may want to access, with further guidance in your quest for support.

Disclaimer: The Learning Disabilities & ADHD Network does not support, endorse or recommend any specific method, treatment, product, remedial centre, program, service, or person for people with Learning Disabilities or ADHD. It does, however, endeavor to provide impartial and, to the best of our knowledge, factual information for persons with Learning Disabilities and/or ADHD.