If you or your adult child are struggling to manage ADHD symptoms, you are not alone. There are many resources and service providers available to help people with ADHD to develop strategies and skills, including for related emotional and social skills.

When you are starting your search, you need to consider:
– what type of service you are looking for and why
– what qualifications the service provider should have based on the type of service they are providing
– how to determine a good fit for you

Sources of Support is a list of professionals and agencies to help you in your ADHD journey.

Disclaimer: The Learning Disabilities & ADHD Network does not support, endorse or recommend any specific method, treatment, product, remedial centre, program, service, or person for people with Learning Disabilities or ADHD. It does, however, endeavour to provide impartial and, to the best of our knowledge, factual information for persons with Learning Disabilities and/or ADHD.