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Understanding ADHD & ASD; Similarities and Differences


Online Meeting
Organizer: CADDAC
Cost: FREE!
Thursday, February 24 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM MST

EXPERT: Alina Kislenko, Ph.D.

ADHD & Autism may seem very different, however, they share many properties and are often comorbid. ADHD & Autistic Psychotherapist Alina Kislenko, founder of the only ADHD & Autism centre that hires only neurodivergent practitioners in the world (The ADHD & Spectrum Centre), will share her own experiences with ADHD & Autism as well as experience gained from thousands of neurodivergent clients treated. She will also explain The Parts Inclusion (Pi) Method that they designed to treat the unique formation of trauma holding neurodivergent people back (that most neurotypical therapy methods miss).

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