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ADHD, Pregnancy, and Motherhood: A Practical Guide for Hopeful Parents

May 11, 2023 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm MDT


EXPERT:  Allison Baker, M.D.

Pregnancy is magical and excruciating. Exciting and overwhelming. Demanding and the calm before the storm.

This is true for most people who experience pregnancy, but it’s doubly true for those with ADHD, roughly 96% of whom cease taking stimulant medication while pregnant and nursing. On top of that, the new and unrelenting demands of caring for an infant, while experiencing changing hormone levels and disrupted sleep, can amplify ADHD symptoms and bring a new level of difficulty to daily functioning.

For women who discontinued ADHD medication use during pregnancy, in particular, coping with raw emotions, a new routine, and a new baby may feel next to impossible and lead to comorbid anxiety and depression. It is important for clinicians treating perinatal women with ADHD to consider the benefits and risk of stimulant use in this critical time of transition.

In this webinar, women, partners, and professionals will learn:

  • About the intersection of ADHD symptoms and neurobiology in perinatal women during and after pregnancy
  • About the risk analysis of stimulant use versus discontinuation in pregnancy and postpartum
  • How to anticipate the demands of early motherhood and risk for depression and anxiety in women with ADHD
  • About the impact of hormones on ADHD throughout the lifespan, and the interplay with medication

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