About The Website

How Can the Network Website Help you?

The Learning Disabilities & ADHD Network’s website will help you to:

-Develop an understanding about Learning Disabilities and ADHD, including the assessment and diagnosis process.

-Guide you through the process to collaborate with others to support you or your child’s learning.

-Guide you through the process to find and access support and services.

-Direct you to helpful resources and learning opportunities.

What Can You Find on the Network Website?

About Learning Disabilities & ADHD
Find information about Learning Disabilities (LD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the assessment and diagnosis process, and related challenges.

Manage LDs & ADHD
1) Children & Families
As a parent, learn how to support your child/teen through the process of assessment, treatment, school support, and beyond the classroom.
Find Help – Children  provides guidance of how to access specific support services for your child/teen and we provide a few agencies to get you started. Sorry, but we cannot provide names of individual service providers.

2) Adults
Learn how to manage your LD and/or ADHD across different settings, get support at post-secondary, and manage your LD/ADHD at work.
At the end of this section, go to Find Help -Adults to get guidance on how to access appropriate support services for your needs. It also provides a few of the major agencies in Calgary that provide support services for people with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, or related challenges.

Sources of Information: 
Dig deeper into resources such as reputable websites, books, videos, and articles that Network members have found to be credible and useful sources of information.

Assistive Technology
An overview of Assistive Technology tools will guide you in finding tools that can make learning and working easier for you.

Links to local, Canadian and international research sites are provided.

For Educators
Access practical information and resources for working with people who have learning disabilities or ADHD.

Learning Opportunities & Events: 
Find information about upcoming educational workshops, podcasts, webinars, and presentations about Learning Disabilities (LD) & ADHD that are hosted by various organizations around Calgary – and beyond!

We hope that this website supports your journey as you navigate the struggles related to LD and ADHD and build upon your strengths, in order to reach your full potential.